Run Unit tests in Xamarin projects

This tutorial is part of Build Xamarin project with Xamarin post. It assumes all projects have been build including Unit test projects. Another assumption is the use of Mac OSX to run all commands.

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NuGet packages and cache locations

The NuGet command line tool (nuget.exe) does not contain a feature to delete local cache and packages. Since this is just a directory on your machine you can do it manually.

NuGet packages and cached files can be found here:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows

Build Xamarin projects with Jenkins

This tutorial will give you all the necessary steps to use Jenkins as a continuos integration tool with Xamarin (Android and iOS). If you already have a machine with all the tools installed (Xamarin Studio, XCode, etc) this guide should take you about 30 minutes at most to setup Jenkins running a simple job.

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FFmpeg with DTS codec for Synology NAS

Unfortunately Synology Video Station stopped supporting DTS codec. Here’s a work around found on a chinese blog. I’ve tested myself with a DS216j and it solved my issues with this codec.

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