FFmpeg with DTS codec for Synology NAS

Unfortunately Synology Video Station stopped supporting DTS codec. Here’s a work around found on a chinese blog. I’ve tested myself with a DS216j and it solved my issues with this codec.

What we need to do is install a 3rd party ffmpeg package and that’s all.


Download ffmpeg package for Synology

Download the package from this MEGA link (let me know if it’s not working). To find out which one you need refer to this link with the architecture mapping. In my case I had to download “FFmpegWithDTS-comcerto2k-1.0-0005.spk” to install it on my DS216j.

Install package manually

  1. Go to the Package Center
  2. Choose “Manual install” on the top and select the ffmpeg package previously downloaded

upload ffmpeg Synology package

Select next and apply

install ffmpeg Synology package

It should all be working now! Your Synology NAS has now support for the DTS codec!


  1. Worked a charm!


    Cheers from the Netherlands.

  2. Hi!

    I have a DS 114 MARVELL Armada 370 88F6707 with DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 6.
    I followed all your instructions, and in the package center I see FFmpeg running. Despite this, I have no sound when I choose DTS.
    Do you have any ideas, why?
    Do I have to change some settings in the sound or anywhere else?

    Many thx in advance!


    • nunobhorta

      January 10, 2017 at 9:21 am

      Sorry mate, no idea. DS 114 runs with a different architecture so you might need to install a different package from that MEGA list. Have a look at the other url with the list of architectures

  3. FFMpeg Package works on DS1815+ but will not install on DS416play. Any ideas on how to get DTS working on DS416play?

  4. Thanks!!!

    Works on my Basque DS214+

  5. HI

    Does this work on DS216j running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 7?


  6. Funcionou perfeitamente!!!

  7. When trying to install braswell package for the ds416play the following message appears:

    This package does not contain a digital signature.

    What does this mean?

    • nunobhorta

      January 13, 2017 at 1:36 pm

      It probably means that this is not an official package from Synology. To change your security settings go to DSM – Package Center – Settings – Trust Level

  8. Hi,

    I’m a bit confused. You say: “In my case I had to download “FFmpegWithDTS-comcerto2k-1.0-0005.spk” to install it on my DS216j.”
    I have a DS216j too but its CPU is MARVELL Armada 385 and the Github list that you linked says: “armada38x … x16 Series … DS216j – synology_armada38x_ds216j”.

    So how you figured out that “FFmpegWithDTS-comcerto2k-1.0-0005.spk” is right for DS216j?


    • nunobhorta

      January 13, 2017 at 1:35 pm

      As you can see on the list, there’s no .spk for that architecture. Several users from that chinese blog were saying to use that one if you have the DS216J, and it just works 🙂

  9. So many hours of searching how to do this, even contiplated buying Plex, then I found out they dont support DTS either! Works perfectly on my DS 415+ with DSM 6

    Thank you for the simple instructions, cant thank you enough!!

  10. Hello,
    I need last version of FFMpeg (3.2.2). Can you explain how the spk files are built ? I can’t find any tuto.
    Thank you

  11. Awesome! The braswell package works like a charm on my DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 9 running on my DS716+II!

  12. Thanks a lot from France ! 😉
    For my DS1010+ the file named FFmpegWithDTS-braswell-1.0-0005.spk work.

  13. Hi, thanks for this info. Does the ffmpeg package at Synocommunity replaces/superseeds the ones at the mega link? I installed the one from megae 1st and then DSM said there’s an update for it from Synocommunity.

    • nunobhorta

      February 23, 2017 at 9:19 am

      I’m not sure, I’ll need to investigate that. But I did have other people saying that the one at Synocommunity didn’t work for them.

  14. There is an FFMPEG in the package-manager under the “community” section. With this it works too.

  15. OMG it is really really working!!!
    On my DS213J with the FFmpegWithDTS-armada370-1.0-0005
    I have been looking for a fix for a long time 😉
    Many many thanks !

  16. thank you so much.
    now synology actually does what i bought it for!
    great post!!

  17. used the braswell one on my ds416play. seems to work fine.

  18. Hello Nuno,
    I have noticed that I made a spelling mistake on my last and only post as I referred my synology model DS413J (working with the FFmpegWithDTS) but it is NOT a DS413J model , it is a older DS213J with the FFmpegWithDTS-armada370-1.0-0005 instead!
    Working as a charm, thanks again mate!
    Perhaps would be best to edit it. Could you do it so other users have correct info?

  19. Hi,

    Thanks. It work for my DS416Play 🙂

  20. Worked like a charme on my DS214 Play. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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